L'Hirondelle Club of Ruxton clubhouse



JANUARY 26, 2018
7:00 P.M 
$35.00 Wine Tasting & Hors D'Oeuvres 

L'Hirondelle Club will host a wine tasting featuring a variety of Mas Doix wines, widely considered to be among the very best wines produced by Spain. 
Guest speaker this evening will be Valenti Llagosters, whose family had owned the winery for decades.  This family owned winery is committed to producing wines that faithfully reflect elegance, balance and structure of their inherent values of the generations old vineyard. 
Valentis will explain how Mas Doix crafts its uniques expression of Priorat, (an intense, complex and minerally red wine) from some of the regions's oldest vines and the winemaking techniques that have been handed down throughout generations. 
Mas Doix is one of the top rated wineries in the their region with premium labels and award winning wines.

Wine expert Robert Parker routinely awards Mas Doix scores in the mid to upper 90's.
Parker cites a recent vintage as having "the power, concentration and the balance of the old vines and is a textbook Priorat with those alluring aromas of wet slate and ripe blackberries. You have an intensity of fruit and the aromas and tannis from the barrels that are neatly integrated into the fruit. 

Reservations are required. Space is limited.