L'Hirondelle Club of Ruxton clubhouse


At L’Hirondelle Club we consider ourselves the premier family oriented, racquet club in the Baltimore area. L’Hirondelle offers a family or single membership with “a la carte” options for single or family activities, such as tennis, pickelball, paddle tennis, pool and children’s summer camp.

For Membership and Sponsor information contact us today at (410) 825-2400 or info@lhirondelle.com or simply click the Request Information option from the dropdown menu on the above toolbar.


All membership are by invitation only and are available to those qualified people who are sponsored by one current member and seconded by another current member.

Membership applications will be provided to the Proposer (sponsor), who is responsible for directing the applicant through the membership process.  In addition to the proposer and seconder, the applicate needs 3 additional letters of support before meeting the Membership Committee.


Types of Membership:

All membership initiation fees and monthly dues are based on the age of the member.

All married members, without regard to their ages and all unmarried members having legal custody of any child under the age of 18 or with unmarried children between 18 and 29, shall have family memberships.

All unmarried members who do not have legal custody of any minor child or any unmarried children between the ages of 18 and 29 shall have single memberships.

To qualify for non-resident status, a member must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board of Governors: (1) residence more than 40 miles from the Club; or (2) full time status as a resident student at an educational institution outside the State of Maryland.